Innovation Strategy

Eleple focuses on engineering research and development services for its products. It has expertise in areas like material science, designing, manufacturing and application in engineering induction motors. Our engineers work with customers to define application problems and provide most efficient solutions that help end users get the most out of their products.

At Eleple, our adaptability approach has made us integrate new and latest technology in our production cycle. Our capabilities include:

Design and Analysis

With latest technology, we design electric motors as per customer requirements along with added features to enhance product performance and customer satisfaction. We evaluate and refine designs to create superior and longer lasting products.


Eleple has set-up in-house testing capabilities and simulation tools for testing our Electric Motors in simulated real industry conditions to validate performance and life of our induction motors.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our integrated system optimizes manufacturing processes to ensure high quality electric motors production. We ensure greater life of our products.

Product Development

Eleple engineers has been constantly enhancing the existing products as well as developing new ones.

We have been continuously improving different aspects of our standard A.C. Electric Motors. These technical improvements lead to increased motor life, reduced costs, and better performance.

Customized Products

We work with our customers to develop unique and practical induction motor solutions for their special requirements. Such solutions include concept development, design and analysis prototyping, validation and advanced manufacturing.