At ELEPLE our team is quality conscious and processes are quality centric. Be it utilizing resources efficiently, innovating processes and products or emphasizing defect prevention or focusing on waste reduction across the supply chain, we always follow global standards of excellence.

Dhenu Motors themselves bear testimony to its advanced technology, reliability, standard of safety and competitive quality/price ratio. They are built with unique energy efficient motor portions which can withstand wide voltage fluctuations. Hence, these products have very wide acceptance and have carved out a good market share for the group. This is achieved with efficient management of men and materials backed up by all out efforts of our employees.

Eleple Engineers' Quality management system has achieved a wide recognition. Quality and service is part of Eleple Engineers' planned strategy to serve customers better. Today every machine manufacturing industry like Plastic, Packaging, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Ceramics, Wood Working Machines etc., derives superior benefits from Eleple Engineers' top quality end products.

Quality Policy

We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing cost effective reliable products and services in National & International markets. To achieve this, we will create an environment that encourages our employees and suppliers to prevent defects.

Research & Development

Steady growth over more than two & a half decades, successful R & D leading to the production of various models of motors, most modern factory equipped with SPMs and advanced technology machineries, mechanized cast iron facilities automated with state-of-the-art know-how, dedicated and trained workforce, sales and service through established networks, Dhenu brand has evolved in sheer excellence.